Boost loyalty, spend and customer value.
It starts by improving your customers’ experience.

You’re not alone. For companies around the world, improving their customer experience is a strategic priority. But for many, progress — if even truly quantifiable — is fleeting. That’s because organizations continue to focus on wrong or unactionable metrics, in the hopes that improved business performance will follow.

At The Verde Group, we don’t just believe there’s a better way, we know it. As a matter of fact, we’ve developed it — an alternative to traditional CX measurement methods that provide limited, low predictive insight at best. Our patent-pending methodology is uniquely designed to identify your most damaging problems and create breakthrough improvements in customer loyalty, spend and value.

We’ll work with you to research, analyze, understand and isolate the negative customer experiences that impact your business the most. Then we’ll create an action plan to fix them and a program that keeps building on your successes over time.

We will help you unlock:


    Measurable insights derived from the proven psychological effect of negative customer experiences on behavior.


    An informed action plan with clear direction to help you focus on specific high impact CX improvements — plus help identifying and delivering the people, processes and technology change management you need.


    A proven methodology that includes an evaluation and comparison of your competitive landscape to make even more far-reaching CX improvements.


    An actionable and quantifiable CX program that helps you deliver a best-in-class CX culture.

Did you know?

Your customer experience problems sharply reduce loyalty and suppress top-line growth.

  • Customer Experience


    of customers have had a bad customer experience.

  • Dissatisfaction


    of your revenue is at risk due to customer dissatisfaction.

  • Dissatisfied


    Dissatisfied customers tell 3 or more people about CX problems.

  • Off ramp


    of your customers will leave instead of seeking help.

We have solutions to help you solve these customer experience issues.

Why The Verde Group?

Drawing on our two decades of experience of implementing our unique non-traditional customer dissatisfaction research and social science-based Attitude-Behavior Consistency Model, The Verde Group can help you prioritize and tackle the CX problems that negatively impact your business.

Backed by a proven and continually evolving methodology, as well as vast learnings across a variety of clients and industry verticals, we’ll work with you to isolate the most business-critical pain points across the customer journey, financially quantify revenue at risk, and reverse your customers’ most damaging experiences.

The result? Fresh thinking that leads to measurable improvements in customer loyalty, spend and value.

Industries we work with.

Many of your peers, colleagues and competitors already rely on The Verde Group to help them solve their CX challenges and develop more impactful interactions. In fact, we’ve worked with hundreds of Fortune 1000 clients in industries across the globe to help meet their business challenges — and we look forward to working with you too.


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Pharma & Medical


Telecom & Utilities


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Exploring the Loyalty / CX Connection

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