Helping Shipping & Logistics Companies Solve their Most Critical CX Challenges

The most important problem for over two-thirds of shipping and logistics companies is the effectiveness of their communications

And did you know that over half of shippers and receivers experienced at least one problem on their last transaction?
In today’s digitally connected 24/7 world, customers are demanding more from shipping and logistics companies — a lot more. We provide insights so you can focus your priorities to deliver a frictionless customer experience and revenue growth.

Our Areas of Expertise

Logistics Services
Air and Express Delivery Services
Supply Chain Management

How We Help

The Verde Group helps you answer one of your most critical questions to achieving and maintaining business success:

“Where should I invest in the customer experience to increase sales and grow market share?”

In fact, we answer it by providing you with a financially-focused way to move your customer “up the value stack”. We will provide you with the insights and the roadmap to optimize your CX delivery impact across a myriad of business priority areas, such as product, customer support and communication.

Brand Performance

How is my brand performing?

How much revenue is my business losing due to negative customer experiences?

Industry opportunities

How do I rank versus the competition?

Where do market opportunities exist?

Omni-Channel CX Challenges

What problems do my customers experience?

What impact do these negative experiences have on revenue and profits?

Which can I fix to increase business performance?


Our Functional Focus

The Verde Group’s expertise ranges across all channels and areas of your business:

Operational Support, Training and Retail Services
Technology, Tools and Automated Support
Order Management and Communications
Marketing and Competitive Positioning

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Increasing Revenue

At The Verde Group, we collaborate with you to reduce customer dissatisfaction and create enduring CX change that drives increased revenue for your organization.

We focus on friction. The reality is that customers no longer evaluate your performance solely against category competition, but against all purchase interactions. Shipping and logistics companies that fail to capture and understand the entire customer journey disappoint customers and miss opportunities to innovate.

Our proven methodology allows you to identify, prioritize and address customer experience problems that have a negative financial impact on your business. In other words, we help you isolate the “critical few” problem experiences from the “trivial many”, so you can invest in experiences that represent the greatest revenue and market share upside.

Identify the “most damaging problems”
Pinpoint loyalty drivers that stimulate growth
Focus on solving the problems that matter most for maximum ROI

Our phased Approach, common to our suite of Solutions delivers breakthrough insights in to drivers of customer loyalty, spend and value.

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