Understanding the Boomerang Effect

Exploring the Loyalty / CX Connection

With the Global loyalty management market size forecasted to top $10 Billion USD by 2027, questions remain:

• Is there a diminishing return to loyalty investments?

• Does your investment in a loyalty program improve the customer experience?

• Can loyalty programs truly inoculate retailers from the damage caused when problems occur?

Approaching your loyalty program less like a program and more as a Customer Experience strategy is critical to both avoiding unforeseen pitfalls and optimizing the CX benefits your loyalty program delivers. In a recent research study jointly conducted by The Verde Group and Wharton Baker Retailing Center - The Boomerang Effect of Loyalty Programs, these 3 critical questions were studied, leading to valuable insights for all customer centric organizations.

Download our white paper to discover valuable research findings and insights that will help you optimize that critically important relationship between your loyalty program and your CX results.

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