The Great CX Challenge

Financially Linking the Impact of Customer Experience Insights

The Great CX Challenge

In conversations with leading CX practitioners, we hear over and over again that they’re frustrated despite mountains of data being generated. They’re searching for ways to increase the meaning and importance of their work, and to make a difference in the outcomes of their business enterprise. We have a solution. Explore the data that suggests we need to be paying more attention to CX friction over satisfaction in our new white paper: The Great CX Challenge: Financially Linking the Impact of Customer Experience Insights

It's time for CX practitioners to have the tools to answer yes to these three questions:

  1. Do you have an inventory of your customer's problems with your services and/or products?
  2. Do you know what each of those problems are costing you?
  3. Are you laser focused on resolving your most costly customer friction points?

Paula Courtney, Verde Group CEO, originally presented this information in a webinar presentation to the Experience Management Community in November 2023. The webinar was called Quantifying the Financial Risk of CX.

Dennis Armbruster, Verde Group Executive Vice President, compiled the information and data into this new white paper.

Download our white paper to discover valuable research findings and insights that will help you identify customer friction points and in turn use that information to make more profitable decisions.

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