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2015 Customer Experience Risk Study

Insights on today’s consumer with advice and tips for retailers

Our latest white paper summarizes the results of a 2018 Canadian retail study conducted in partnership with Google Canada, WisePlum™, Retail Council of Canada (RCC) and RCC’s Marketing Advisory Council. The study was conducted in Fall of 2018 and surveyed 5,007 Canadian consumers to gather insights on their shopping preferences, expectations and needs.

The white paper provides retailers with a better understanding of what today’s consumer expects, and practical improvements that retailers can make to enhance the overall shopping experience – in-store, on a mobile device or online. It explores the attitudes and experiences of Canadian consumers, based on their most recent purchases, across the entire shopping journey, regardless of channel.

This white paper discusses:

  • Canadian consumers’ attitudes and expectations while shopping in-store and online
  • Why Canadian consumers choose a specific channel and what drives their channel preference
  • Where consumers expectations are headed with service, experience & fulfillment – both pre- and post-purchase
  • How retailers can respond to consumers’ needs and expectations regardless of channel
  • How retailers can eliminate friction points in the path to purchase to enrich consumers’ experience and increase loyalty

Specifically designed with retailers in mind, WisePlum was created to answer one critical question: Where should a retailer invest in the customer experience to increase top-line revenue growth and market share? Click here to learn more.

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