2023 Customer Experience Predictions from The Verde Group

The customer experience (CX) trends we were seeing in late 2022 (see 2022 Customer Experience Reflections post) will continue well beyond 2023. The Verde Group has a fresh predictions on what’s in store for CX practitioners this year.

With 2023 well underway, we encourage businesses to adapt and think efficiently. New ways of buying, working and interacting with companies will mean that customers, not just organizations, will have to acclimatize — there are new rules now. Our CX experts weigh in on 2023 customer service experience predictions:

New CX Beacon Metrics:
There is a growing sentiment that calls into question the efficacy and diagnostic acuity of legacy metrics. This will eventually challenge the status quo and bring metrics that correlate to financial performance to the forefront.

Connections with Customers:
Companies in non-traditional industries will look for purposeful, deliberate and meaningful ways to connect with their customers outside of the purchase cycle.

Customer Feedback:
Challenges to collect customer feedback about a business’ CX will increase – requiring use of operational and unstructured data to augment traditional data collection methods.

The role of CXO will continue to take on new and more important meaning — organizations that align operational, sales and service resources (and budgets) will realize the greatest gains in CX and financial performance

The Digital Age:
The convergence of digital and physical experiences will become the norm. Digital-only or physical-only experiences will significantly decline as companies continue to unlock to power of the Phygital CX landscape.

The Verde Group is a customer experience consultancy, creating value by employing a proprietary research methodology that is based on a fundamental principle of human behavior: Individuals are far more likely to take action in response to negative events than positive ones.

Executive Vice President of The Verde Group
Dennis Armbruster