A Special Announcement From The Verde Group: Unveiling the New and Improved Website Along With Branding Goals


After 16 years, The Verde Group is thrilled to reveal our refreshed brand identity and revamped website. Our business has grown and evolved over many years, and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo and website to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future. We believe the new look better matches what we’ve evolved into since 2003: a customer experience consultancy delivering actionable, sustainable and measurable improvements to our clients to drive market share and revenue growth.

Our new website and brand identify showcases our capabilities and our continued commitment to customer experience thought leadership. Our careers are built on the values that help companies create breakthrough improvements in customer loyalty, spend and value. By employing our proprietary research methodology, which is based on a fundamental principle of human behavior, we’ve allowed businesses to understand that individuals are far more likely to take action in response to negative events than positive ones. The CX field has matured, and we’ve grown and learned alongside our clients.

Here’s a quick tip: Did you know that 65% of consumers consider positive experiences with a brand as more important than great advertising? How would that piece of information shape your future business strategies? With the new website, we’ve created a comprehensive “Thinking” section which features content designed to serve as a source of inspiration, a conversation starter, and a reference whether you’re new to CX or are veterans in the field. Feel free to explore this section for more on what’s happening in the industry, upcoming conferences, any announcements that come along, and helpful CX insights that let you hit the ground running.

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“With the new website in place, we hope to contribute more than ever before to our clients who have been down the same road with us as we grow. It is our hope that our branding announcement resonates with our loyal customers, and we will continue to solidify our position as industry leaders in the field of consumer experience.” – Paula Courtney, President, The Verde Group

We want to thank our entire community and clients for their continued support. Please let us know what you think about the site! As always, we appreciate your loyalty to The Verde Group and we will continue striving to deliver the best services and insights to help isolate the most business-critical pain points across the customer journey and turn negative experiences into revenue drivers. We look forward to hearing from you!