Be The Go-To: Our Conversation with Theresa M. Lina

Recently, The Verde Group hosted a webinar featuring best-selling author Theresa M. Lina, creator of The Apollo Method.

The Apollo Method outlines the process organizations can implement to own their competitive market, charge more and have customers love them for it. The insightful book, available on Amazon, showcases such industry innovators as Apple, Tesla, Amazon and…The Verde Group. ( Read More )

We’re honored Ms. Lina recognized our extensive experience turning CX friction into actionable insights and we were pleased to feature her in our recent virtual conversation, Be The Go-To where we discussed The Apollo Method, its application to both B2B and B2C organizations and its importance as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruption and uncertainty.

Further highlights of the 45-minute webinar included an interview with The Verde Group CEO, Paula Courtney and a thought-provoking attendee Q&A.  Watch the recording of the webinar now.