CXChronicles Podcast: Measuring Customer Experience Friction to Drive Business Impact with Dennis Armbruster

CX Chronicles Podcast QuoteThis weeks’s CXChronicles, Podcast #218, welcomed Verde Group’s Executive Vice President, Dennis Armbruster. The Verde Group is a customer experience consultancy, creating value by employing a proprietary research methodology that is based on a fundamental principle of human behavior: Individuals are far more likely to take action in response to negative events than positive ones.

Verde clients use @Risk analysis to understand why their customers behave in a certain way and what actions to take to alter those behaviors.

In this episode, Dennis and Adrian chat through how he has tackled The Four CX Pillars: Team, Tools, Process & Feedback and shares tips & best practices that have worked across his own customer focused business leader journey.

Episode #218 Highlights:

  1. Understanding how to leverage market research to boost customer loyalty
  2. Identifying the core friction points in your customer experiences
  3. Involving your customer facing team in the interpretation of your customer data
  4. Attaching potential ROI projections on all of your CX/CS focused CTAs
  5. Educating your team in the financial metrics that help fuel growth & revenues