Playing Notes or Making Music?

Welcome to Verde Group’s new blog. We look forward to discussions with you on the topics we care about: the psychology of customer interactions, how companies and customers form relationships, and the critical role of customer experience as a driver of loyalty, value and brand.

In this, our first posting, let’s start with a question: why post a blog every month when these topics are already covered on the other pages of this site? Here’s why: our dissatisfaction research and analysis frameworks start to explain how Verde differs from other customer experience research consultancies.  But we think the important differences lay elsewhere.

Let’s be candid. There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of firms that do customer experience research. Every one of them has a system, a research approach and process for helping companies improve their customers’ experiences. So does Verde. All those other firms believe their system is best-in-class. We believe our system is as well.

So what makes the difference? We don’t think it’s just methodology. The real differentiator is the people doing the work – what’s in their hearts as well as in their heads. We believe that the passion your research partners apply to their work is critical to your success in creating revenue and driving growth.

Verde’s passion is simple: to do those things that are worth doing.  What does that mean to us? Like other firms, we use our expertise to help you improve your customers’ experiences and grow your business. But unlike many, we don’t automatically do the same things the same way in every engagement.  Our interest is not in cookie-cutter research programs. We like to tackle hard customer problems with real strategic upside for our clients: stronger topline growth, more share, superior competitive position. Our passion is for designing programs that provide more insights, action and impact than our clients have ever enjoyed from research. And then to work with our clients build on their success, helping them to continually create great customer experiences.

This is our difference. Many research companies are just playing notes, doing the same things over and over. In doing so, the results become less and less exciting … and less actionable. At Verde, we strive to make music that energizes our clients and creates insights that propels them to superior performance. And our bias is for action. We know we’ve done good work when the insights we deliver create change that moves the needle on a CEO’s dashboard.


(This blog was originally published by The Verde Group on December 15th 2013)

Executive Vice President of The Verde Group
Jon Skinner