Insights Year: 2020

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Blogs and Articles

Be The Go-To: Our Conversation with Theresa M. Lina

Recently, The Verde Group hosted a webinar featuring best-selling author Theresa M. Lina, creator of The Apollo Method. The Apollo Method outlines the process organizations can implement to own their competitive market, charge more and have customers love them for it. The insightful book, available on Amazon, showcases such industry innovators as Apple, Tesla, Amazon […]

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Blogs and Articles

Going Undercover To Understand Customer Behavior

  Lori Childers, Vice President Client Solutions, Verde Group “You can’t understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.” It’s a timeless and powerful call for us to be more empathetic, one we’d all do well to remember more often in our personal lives. But it also turns out it’s also an indispensable […]

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